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We’re a community bank.

And both those words are equally important.

If we were only here to do business, we wouldn’t be here. We’re not just bankers—we’re fellow citizens of the Okefenokee area. Most of us grew up here. It wouldn’t occur to us to limit ourselves to banking alone.

We lend money, yes. But also time and effort. It’s a longstanding tradition at WB&T that we take an active role in making this a great place to live. That means funding new businesses or new homes—but also participating in all the ways our neighbors help each other and their hometown.

If you run into any of us, please say hello. Our CEO enjoys nothing more than meeting the neighbors—whether they’re customers or not. One time, someone he had never met noticed his WB&T lapel pin. He said “You work at WB&T? That’s my bank!” He liked the sound of that. The phrase is all over this website.

Group of Waycross employees.

Our Junior Board program instills sound business values in the next generation. We ask rising seniors to meet regularly with us and help us help our community. They get a close-up look at how a bank runs and how its people spend their time helping others.

We are proud to be a premier sponsor of the Waycross Area Fashion Show benefiting Mattie’s Mission and CASA and supporter of Campground Clothing, Ware County STEM program, and the Okefenokee Swamp Park Osprey Society. We hope you’ll agree that all these programs are worth our time (and maybe yours, too).

We look forward to seeing you—both here at the bank and out in the community, where we do some of our most important work.

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ABA Routing Number: 061204052

Lost or stolen card? Call 1-800-383-8000

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