It began with a simple question.

Why can’t folks from here have a bank from here?

In 1988, many of the banks in Waycross were owned by big city banks. They’d all been bought up—and when a bank gets bought by a firm from somewhere else, the service changes. It’s no longer possible for management to make a big decision without getting approval from people that don’t live here.

A group of business leaders addressed the problem by founding a new bank. They applied for and received a charter from the Georgia Department of Banking and Finance. The doors of Waycross Bank & Trust opened in 1988.

Town block.

We’re still locally-owned. We’ve found our customers appreciate doing business with a bank born and raised in their hometown.

Our founding principles have kept our bank and our customers secure for decades, and we are recognized as one of the safest banks in Georgia.

  1. Our first responsibility is to our depositors. We must operate a safe and sound bank where customers know their money is not at risk and available to them at all times.
  2. Our second responsibility is to our customers, who are entitled to the highest level of service—including access to all of the latest banking technology, programs and services.
  3. Our third responsibility is to our shareholders. They are entitled to a reasonable return on the value of their equity and the safety of their investment.
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ABA Routing Number: 061204052

Lost or stolen card? Call 1-800-383-8000

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Waycross Bank & Trust

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