Personal Savings​

Your dreams are closer than you think.

The right savings plan could get you there faster.

Wise money management has tremendous power. Saving money in the right way helps make it multiply. With our guidance, you can put your dreams on the road to reality.

As always, we’ve got options. There’s more than one way to save.

Railroad tracks.

Savings Account

  • Earn interest that makes your savings grow
  • No service charge for customers under 18
  • Rate is announced when your account is opened and is compounded and paid quarterly
  • Minimum daily balance of $250 to avoid a $5 quarterly service charge
  • $3 fee for every debit in excess of 6 per quarterly statement cycle

Personal Money Market Account

  • Interest is earned on the daily balance and compounded and paid monthly
  • No service charge when daily balance exceeds $500 (if balance dips below $500 any day in the statement cycle, the monthly service charge is a low $5)
  • Tiered rates are set when your account is opened and is not a fixed rate
  • $5 fee for every debit in excess of 6 per monthly statement cycle

Health Savings Account

  • Helps you control your healthcare costs and taxes
  • Works in combination with a high-deductible health insurance policy
  • Funds are available to help cover qualified, out-of-pocket medical expenses

Certificates of Deposit

  • The longer the term, the higher your returns
  • Open an account with just $500

Individual Retirement Account

  • Open an account with just $500
  • Interest is compounded quarterly or paid to you as agreed
  • Current rates are available upon request; all rates are subject to change

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