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We support local businesses. (Because we’re one too.)

There’s a reason so many local businesspeople say, “That’s my bank.”

Local loans for local businesses. When you talk to us about your business, you’re talking to the people who help make it happen. We don’t have to check with people in a far-off place.

We don’t dilly-dally. In our experience, good businesspeople don’t waste a lot of time. We’re the same way. We perform due diligence, of course, but we want you to get what you need as quickly as possible.

Many businesses have been with us for decades. We’ve stuck by them and they returned the favor.

Local town block.

Business Loan Options

Business Line of Credit

A flexible option similar to a credit card which allows you to borrow up to a certain limit, and pay interest only on the portion you borrow.

  • Finance receivables
  • Manage seasonal cash fluctuations
  • Flexible repayment structures available

Working Capital Loans

  • A committed credit facility allowing your business to borrow funds, repay the loan, and borrow again as needed
  • Advance and repay principal to match the cycle of your company’s collection of assets
  • Working capital loans may be permanent—or you may wish to structure the line to reduce over a specified period
  • Can be structured with a longer maturity date; options typically include converting all or a portion of the amount outstanding to a term loan

Loan Sweep Service

  • Link your sweep account directly to a designated Waycross Bank & Trust deposit account to help avoid overdrafts and reduce overall interest expense by paying down balances when excess funds are available
  • Funds are automatically drawn to cover a deficit in the deposit account or excess deposited funds are transferred to reduce the line of credit balance

Business Term Loans

A lump sum loan that is repaid regularly over a set amount of time.

  • Expand facilities
  • Purchase equipment and fixed assets
  • Consolidate debt
  • Increase working capital
  • Permanent commercial real estate financing available

Term loans may be used as permanent financing to convert a construction loan at the time of project completion or for the purchase of an existing property; competitive rates and multiple amortization options available.

Commercial Real Estate Lending

Secure a mortgage on an office building, shopping center, or other commercial space—new construction, acquisition or refinancing options are available.

  • Construction of a new office or building
  • Purchase leased property
  • Refinance an existing commercial real estate loan

Business Real Estate Loans

  • Residential and commercial real estate projects
  • Construction loans
  • Short-term bridge loans

Income-Producing Real Estate Loans

  • Retail
  • Office
  • Multi-family
  • Industrial

Development Loans

  • Lending for residential real estate projects
  • Land loans
  • Acquisition and development funding
  • Lot financing

Construction Loans

  • Lending to improve real property
  • Maturity coincides with project completion
  • Progressive draws
  • Maturity coincides with project completion

United States Department of Agriculture Business & Industry (USDA B&I) loans

Designed to help save and create jobs, this loan guarantee program aims to assist credit-worthy rural businesses grow.

Small Business Administration (SBA) loans

Structured to help small businesses succeed, SBA loans offer the financial strength of the U.S. Government with the specialties of our loan team. We will partner with your business to identify the program that best fits your company’s needs.

Loan Benefits

  • Business acquisition
  • Enterprise refinancing
  • Improve cash flow with longer terms
  • Reduced debt service requirements
  • Fully amortizing loans

Loan Programs

Loan Calculator

Try different loan amounts, different down payments or different terms. Our calculator helps you figure out what works for you.

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