Consumer Real Estate Loans​

Let’s keep this simple.​

Who says a loan has to be a hassle? Not us.

Simply put, we make it simple. When you choose WB&T for your real estate loan, we show our appreciation by removing obstacles and streamlining approval.

You’ll be working directly with decision makers. We won’t be asking someone in a distant headquarters to give you the answers you need. In every stage, you’ll be talking with the same people who make it happen.

Construction worker with blueprints standing outside partially built house.

Your goal is within reach.

Here are some ways we can help you achieve it.

Mortgage loans

We‘ve got enough mortgage options that they deserve their own page. Find out what we’ve got for you here.

Home equity line of credit

Get the most from the investment in your home. A line of credit gives you flexibility to get money as needed.

Home equity loan

Use your home’s equity to get a loan for any number of uses.

Residential lot loans

Whether you want to build now or down the road, secure the land now.

Land loans

Found a spot you’d like to make your own? We can help you claim your acreage.

Construction loans

A blueprint’s fine, but you can’t live in it. Make it real with a flexible construction loan. We’ll show you how.

Let our loan calculator do the math.

Try out different loan amounts, different down payments, different maturity times, different repayment terms—any number of variables. Our calculator helps you figure out what works for you.

Ready to say “That’s my bank”?

We’re ready to help. Call now, or stop by our branch. Numbers and addresses can be found here.

Got a different question?

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