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Home is where you feel comfortable and secure.

Getting a loan shouldn’t be any different.

We work hard to make the process easy. For most people, a home loan is the biggest financial transaction they go through. When you sit down with our loan officer, you’ll know right away that you’re in good hands.

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We’ll work with you any way you’d like. Take a look at our offerings below. If you’d rather talk than read, we’re ready to help—just drop by or give us a call.

Conventional Mortgages

We customize our mortgages to meet your specific needs. Our loan officer will take you through different down payment options, competitive rates, and a number of other variables, so that we can give you the mortgage that’s right for you. We’ll guide you through the whole process, from a painless pre-qualification all the way to a convenient closing.


If you’re a first-time homebuyer, these options might be right for you. They generally require lower down payments (sometimes none), flexible credit choices and relaxed income guidelines.

Jumbo Loans

If you’ve got a larger-than-usual need, we’ve got larger-than-usual loans to meet it. Whether you’re looking to buy your primary residence, a vacation home or an investment property, we can offer a variety of terms at a fixed rate that will make it happen.

Home Equity Loan

Use this loan for any number of things—bill consolidation, college tuition, or home improvements. Our loan officer will show you flexible options that allow for low, predictable monthly payments.

Home Equity Line of Credit

Like an equity loan, this can be used for a wide variety of needs. With a line of credit, you have the flexibility to advance and pay down your loan as needed. Lock in fixed monthly payments for large purchases while still having easy access to the remaining line of credit.

Residential Lot Loan

Buy the land for your new home regardless of when you plan to build. We’ll help you purchase the property so it’s there when you’re ready.

Land Loan

Eyeing acreage? We can make it happen.

Construction Loan

Ready to build? We’re ready to loan. We’ll finance construction of your home before beginning mortgage payments.

Use our loan calculator to explore options.

Let’s say you know what you want your monthly payment to be. How much can you borrow at a certain rate? How much should you put down to get the best deal? You can get answers to these and other questions.

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